ACME | labs is the playground and imagination sandbox of one, Roux.


Born in the spring of '85, he's managed to do some growing up; but only mostly, because being youthful at heart is more rewarding.

Roux is a Toronto-based musician, philosopher, and developer, who's trying to brave the cold canadian winters while still biking around like it's the middle of july. Having made the jump from the philosophy department to the engineering department,  he spends his days working on music, a myriad of other personal projects, and fighting for internet privacy.


He's passionate about learning and has way too many hobbies, probably. The list of things he won't shut up about includes: jazz & funk & motown & rock, code, literature, physics, philosophy, cycling, languages, boardgames, surrealism, d&d and warm, white bread. Or freshly made crepes

He cares deeply about privacy in the real world and online, education in today's modern society, and the impact of technology  on the human condition, both as a detrimental factor and a positive force for change

He also cares about you.

And the oxford comma.


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